Media Cabinets

Winner of 2019 Home & Garden Awards

We consider our media cabinets the best of our work. We have never built or designed one the same. Each design, however follows the same ethos of creating an all-encompassing piece of furniture that combines practicality with beauty and originality.

A significant part of our work today is designing these unique cabinets that combine the creation of storage space with the placement of media units (e.g. TV or sound system) whilst doubling up as a display system for art and sculptural objects.


Our media cabinets house your modern audio and TV equipment, tidy away clutter, remove cables and give a sleek contemporary finish to any room.

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Built to fit a collection of art and objects, these cabinets with built-in lighting were created to fit a snug in a modern apartment. The finished design completely transformed the ambience of the room and changes throughout the day as the lights are used.

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Bold and beautiful:
You’ll never regret a creative decision.

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